Natural vs. Relaxed >>The Great Debate

This is one of the hottest  hair debates trending right now.  As a stylist I only inform you and let you make the best decision for yourself.  There are pros and cons to each. It’s a highly personal decision.  Don’t go natural to please those who think all women who wear Relaxers are selling out to look like white women and have low self esteem.  Don’t wear a Relaxer because you feel that going natural is a racial statement that you don’t want to make.  Having said that, the reality is that if you go natural, some people will assume certain things about your political and social points of view.  If you wear a Relaxer, some people will think you have low self esteem

But let’s get back to the hair …..

The truth is that going natural is by no means better or healthier than having a relaxer or a texturizer. Natural hair is hair that is devoid of any chemicals that can potentially alter your curl pattern.

The point is that no matter what you choose , you can still accomplish the same goal of nice, long, strong luxurious hair as long as you give your head of hair the attention and care it deserves and needs. Having natural hair can be fun and rewarding but be prepared for what comes with dealing with your particular hair type and don’t beat yourself up if you decide that its not for you. Hair is an accessory so you have permission to change it up and settle on a style that works for you. Either way looking FAB is the objective! Be it ‘fro or sleek.



Texture is the key word. We all have variations of  it, so depending on what you are working with, you could find yourself working harder than ever to make the good hair days outnumber the bad ones.

Even your natural hair can absolutely rebel against you if its not well conditioned and moisturized. Afterall, thats the descriptive of what healthy hair is. So get to know your hair, choose how you want to wear it and take care of it 🙂

One Love,

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