Jamaican Black Castor Oil – miracle in a bottle!

IMG01575-20110107-0645 For years, Castor Oil has been a multi-use product in the homes of most Jamaicans, however in recent times especially with the natural hair revolution in the black community its been popping up in the beauty aisles.




In Jamaica, Castor Oil has many uses, some include:

  • Hot & scalp treatment
  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Thicken eyebrows
  • Daily skin moisturizer
  • Massage oil
  • Aches and pains
  • Laxative

The praises for pure black castor oil sings loud & clear. It is a great organic oil, so be sure to purchase those that are salt and additives free. Now i’m no scientist however black castor oil has some key ingredients that are beneficial to the body. castor oil is rich in Omega-9 fatty acids which is a good thing. I’m not going down into the biochemistry of it though.

Here’s where I think it comes out a miracle oil, on those thinning edges, itchy scalp & on bleached / dehydrated / brittle hair.

jamaican black

A few drops massaged into the scalp 2 to 3 times a week moisturises the scalp and stimulates growth especially on the temples on edges of those of you with thinning edges from braids, weaving and such.


Also added into your conditioner for deep treatment or as a hot oil treatment it seals moisture into strands providing help for brittle hair.

I recommend it to my clients that I have permanently colored as a hair oil. The reason is permanently colored hair tends to be more dry and prone to breakage.

Well, I suggest you all add a bottle to your beauty stock, (THE BLACK NOT CLEAR ONE) and its a little thick so less is more and tell me your results 😉

One Love,