Olive Oil Kit Relaxer – Product Review


Olive Oil Box Relaxer

Now before I review this product, I am going to inform about what a box relaxer is because relaxing your hair is a chemical service and you SHOULD get it done by a licensed professional. AND, if you must do it yourself for cost reasons,,, its best you get the best value for you buck!

No-lye relaxers are the box kits you find in the stores which you should only buy on as “is abolutely necessary” basis. NOT every 6weeks. No-lye relaxers leave mineral deposits on your hair which prevents your hair from absorbing much needed moisture. Lack of moisture equals dry hair, a dull hair color and dry hair leads to breakage. And what does breakage lead too?

Well I don’t need to tell you that. Just look at the crown of some women on the street with relaxed hair heads, on maybe even your own hair or lack there of.

Not only does No-lye relaxers cause hair loss and breakage, but it also straightens your hair to the point were your follicles no longer have it’s elasticity at all. And one pulling of the strand causes your hair to break off.

Don’t be deterred though, I know we are all facing hard times in this recession, so if you ever have to run to the store to get a kit relaxer as a pro I suggest you DO NOT BUY THIS ONE:

There is one PRO: The best thing in this kit is the Replenishing Pak! It works!

CONS – – As for all else : The relaxer dries the hair out, which is due to the Calcium Hydroxide in it. The ORS Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo is suppose to neutralize. I agree it does to an extent and is chelating, which removes the calcium deposits BUT it has ALS and SLS which strips your hair, hence that natural hair colour change you get from repeated use of kit relaxers.

So, the point is even if you are experienced with using kits, relaxing your own hair, proceed cautiously and don’t be afraid to do additional research or ask someone else to assist you with the actual process. Knowledge, preparation and due caution can be the one thing that stands between you and going bald!

So I gave you some knowledge, Olive Oil may just work for you, its my review, feel free to comment and give your own review

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Even if you don’t see the effects of your box kit No-lye Relaxed now, you will eventually see the affects as one of my clients years down the road when your hair has no porosity at all. Your hair will become completely dry and brittle and no longer able to retain moisture.


Fact or is it Fiction?? – Popular black hair myths

You’ve probably heard all sorts of “hair myths” growing up especially as a little black girl. It’s no secret that healthy hair is very important to me. Through the years I’ve educated myself on how to achieve healthier hair. So, i’m going to share what my education has proven to be fact or fiction. Why? Well, many Black women spend hours of our time in salons and devote much of our hard earned money to hair products in the pursuit of fabulous hair. And many Black hair care myths have been passed down from generation to generation- from our grandmothers to our mothers to us.

I’m sure you’ve heard or maybe even said things like “oiling your scalp will make your hair grow longer,” as well as “prenatal vitamins make your hair grow faster.” If you ask most Black women about their hair care regimen, there’s always someone that will swear by at least one Black hair care myth. But how do you separate fact from fiction?

Well, here’s a compilation of 10 common black hair care myths, i’ve separated fact from fiction. What are they?

Here it goes!

MYTH # 1: Trimming your ends will make your hair grow
FICTION!!!! : Trimming your hair will not make your hair grow. Furthermore, trimming your hair does nothing but make it grow “fuller” and “healthier”. Dont get it twisted, trimming your is NECESSARY but, it doesn’t make another strand of hair shoot out of your scalp like grass. Hair grows on average 1/4 inch a month. So if you want your hair to grow, trim your ends on an “as needed” basis. And if you are taking care of your hair correctly, you will rarely need to trim your hair.

MYTH #2: Washing your hair more than once a week will dry it out.
FICTION!!!! : This is something I’ve heard quite often. But it is totally false. Washing your hair more than once a week does not dry it out. Water is actually a moisturizer and does not dry hair out. Furthermore, if you’re using hair products with ingredients like (mineral oil, petroleum, and alcohol), then you should try to wash your hair at least once a week. One of the major things that stunts hair growth and damages hair is product build up. And this is easily prevented when we wash our hair. So head to the gym, its ok to break a sweat ladies! What you need to do is wash your hair with correct shampoo.

MYTH #3: Braids and weaves can cause hair loss
FACT!!!! : A recent article in The Grio touched on this and it also touched a nerve with many Black women that didn’t want to accept that things like braids and weaves were damaging their hair and even causing hair loss (alopecia). The truth is that braids and weave pull on your hair strands. And continuous hair pulling for extended periods of time can in fact lead to hair loss- sometimes reversible and sometimes non-reversible. So if you like to wear weaves/braids, or if you use them for “protective styling, just make sure the style isn’t too tight and make sure you give your hair scalp a rest by alternating braided styles with loose ones every few weeks.

MYTH #4: Greasing/Oiling your hair/scalp will help hair growth
FACT & FICTION!!!! : The answer is two-fold. We all need keep our hair moisturized to prevent dryness and breakage. And technically grease can provide that by locking in moisture. However, most products that contain “grease” (which is basically mineral oil or petroleum) are too heavy and will actually clog pores, cause build-up, and ultimately do more bad than good. So I avoid most products that contain mineral oil and petroleum jelly. There are way better options. For instance, I use light spray and water based moisturizers to protect my hair and promote growth.

MYTH #5: Wearing a satin/silk scarf/sleeping on a satin pillowcase protects your hair
FACT!!!! : This is very true! Satin and silk scarfs/pillowcases reduce friction on hair, and because of this, prevent split ends and hair breakage. And if you like wearing hats, particularly if you live somewhere with seasonal changes i.e// the winter, it’s also wise to wear hats with a satin/silk scarf inner lining to avoid hair breakage.

MYTH #6: Brushing your hair daily will make the hair grow
FICTION!!!! : Black women do not need to brush our hair to make it grow. Furthermore, brushing can actually be very damaging because it causes friction and damages to your hair shaft and cuticle. So toss your brushes- you really don’t need them. Think about it– how often do women with sisterlocks, dreadlocks, and afros brush their hair? Never. And they are able to grow very long hair.

MYTH #7: Black hair is the weakest hair
FACT!!!! : One of the major characteristics that distinguish Black hair from other races is our tight curl pattern. And scientific research has shown that this tighter curl pattern actually makes our hair drier and weaker. The tighter the curl pattern, the drier and weaker the hair will be.

MYTH #8: Prenatal vitamins make hair grow faster

FICTION!!!! : Vitamins are important for hair growth. And prenatal vitamins do have a nice, elevated mix of certain nutrients that promote hair growth. So if a non-preganant woman is not already taking any mutlivitamin/supplemement, taking a prenatal vitamin is better than no vitamin at all. Yes, prenetal vitaimins will help with hair growth. And there are some non-pregnant women who have taken prenatal vitamins and reported an increase in hair growth. But there is nothing in the medical literature to support that prenatal vitamins make hair grow faster. And it should also be noted that in the case of pregnant women, increased hair and nail growth are due to hormonal changes- NOT prenatal vitamins.

MYTH #9: Black hair grows slower than other races
FICTION!!!! : All hair (regardless of race) grows at approximately ½ per month. The reason why Black hair appears to grow slower is a combination of 1. Natural hair “appearing” shorter due to its curly, unstretched nature, as well as 2. Increased breakage that occurs with Black hair that isn’t properly taken care of.

MYTH #10: Natural Hair Is Hard to Manage
FICTION!!!! : Natural hair will be hard to manage if you attempt to treat it like relaxed hair. The truth is many Black women have never learned how to care for or style natural hair because all they’ve known is relaxed hair. Also we are bombarded with negative ideas about our hair in the media and more. Many women had their hair relaxed at an early age and don’t know anything else. Natural hair is not “harder” to manage. It just requires patience and “re-learning.”

Hope this list was helpful AND CHANGED your outlook on your hair. There are many more, Who Knows, i may just have to post some more

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Why you should NEVER use soap bars to wash your face

ImageIf you’re using a bar soap on your body (which you ought to reconsider), don’t let that thing get anywhere near your face!!! Even the mildest body soap is too hard on the face. Now may be a good time to point out that you shouldn’t use the same soap for your face that you use for your body, even if you’re using a liquid cleanser for your body. The skin on your face is made up completely different than any other part of your body. To explain :

Many women don’t understand how delicate the skin on their face is. The top layer of the face’s skin, the stratum corneum, has fewer cell layers than any other part of the body except the genitals.This thinner layer makes the skin more easily irritated. Also, because the face moves so much and has so many nerve endings, it’s easier to notice tightness there. This combination means the skin has the potential to get irritated.

Facial cleansing is important because the face has so many glands that the skin is oilier. In addition, we have hormonal changes and apply cosmetics and products that create a film on the skin, trapping pollutants from the environment like dust and smoke.

Your face is the most visible part of the body. When you talk to a person, you look at their face directly. Blemishes, or other marks are easily seen, therefore, you need to take care of your complexion and prevent pimples from sprouting out. For some people, the pimples just grow and fade away, while for others it may leave scars on the skin. Hence you should use gentle facial cleanser on the face, not bar soaps that are harsh on the delicate skin

Bar Soap = Harsh

Bar soap may contain harsh agent like SLS that may not be gentle on your skin, especially the face. It makes the soap foamy with bubbles that clog up pores. Hence you should use a gentle facial cleanser that is not so harsh on your face. After all, the face is the part of the body most exposed to sunlight. Bath soap generally leaves the skin feeling tight, dry and itchy. Many people think that the problem lies with their skin, when actually the problem is the bar soap. Free alkali is generally the most common irritant in mass marketed bar soaps

The reason that bar soaps are particularly harsh on the skin is because they strip away the healthy, natural oils that the skin produces in order protect it. Many bar soaps strip this necessary oil, damaging the skin. As you know, bacteria thrive in low pH, so soaps with higher pH actually cleanse the skin better. This is for a number of reasons that have to do with the chemical formation of your skin. When skin is cleansed in high pH cleanser, very little, if any, dirt or make up is left behind. This ultimately will make your skin cleaner, smoother, and softer. That is why bar soaps should not be used on the face. Instead use a good cleanser formulated for your skin type.

No matter what brand bar soap it is and how natural it is, there’s something about what they use to make it into a bar that strips the natural oils off your face and leave it dry.

The reality is bar soaps are less expensive than liquid soap, and they usually lather very well. So if you must, (but u really mus’nt tho) look for one that’s gentle and non-drying, like Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar with glycerin, or Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar, which is nonalkaline. If your skin is sensitive or easily gets itchy, try to avoid sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a common skin irritant. On the pricier side is L’Occitane Shea Butter Milk Extra Gentle Soap, which is made with a vegetable base and 20 percent shea butter. As for the deodorant soap bar in your shower, save it for your feet and your armpits; deodorant bath soaps are too harsh to use on your face!!

Liquid cleansers are pricier,Image 

but they’re less harsh on your skin and their pH is closer to your skin’s normal pH level. For oily skin, choose a gel or foaming cleanser, which will dissolve oil and makeup and rinse off clean. Try Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser. These are particularly good for those who are taking prescription acne medications, because they won’t dry out skin or interfere with topicals. For mild breakouts (if you’re not using any prescription acne creams), try Aveda Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser with salicylic acid, which helps unclog pores. For dry or sensitive skin, look for a milky or creamy cleanser, which will leave your skin soft and moisturized. Try Cetaphil Original Gentle Skin Cleanser or Olay Definity Illuminating Cream Cleanser.

So let’s face it, great skin is the best foundation, it makes the best impression on even your overall health. It’s well worth the extra money to regulate your bath soap from feet to neck, learn your skin type and cleanse it appropriately. 

One love,

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Best ‘White girl’ products for Black girl hair

Black Hair Products in the store aisle

We can pretty much gauge which make- up brands & products complement our deeper skin tone, but hair products can take a bit more research. The thing is every black girl has a different texture hair. Gone are the days when we relied solely on Ultra Sheen and Luster’s Pink Oil Moisturizer. Today’s hair care market is saturated with styling tools and remedies guaranteed to revitalize dull, lifeless hair; and interestingly enough the products offering and delivering some of the best results are products made by and for white people! 

Because hair is our greatest accessory, hair products are extremely important. Each brand promises to do something great for us like provide better nourishment, yield shiny hair and prevent split ends. In my career I have found that many “white girl” products delivers the goods. I love trying new things and through my trial and error I have found that many black girls rely on these “white girl” products to maintain healthy hair & look amazing.


The conditioners are so rich in this line. The leave in conditioner does well if you are going to blow dry. My personal favorite is the Garnier Fructis Fortifying Deep Conditioner 3 Minute Masque.

Garnier 3 minute masque deep conditions bleached or coloured hair well to help protect against breakage

It protects colour treated hair and leaves the hair softer without stripping the hue. Impressive is also the permanent colour line and how well it covers grays. Apparently the grape-seed and avocado oil really sets this product apart, because not only does it deliver amazing coverage and true tonal value, but women have actually seen hair texture and overall hair condition dramatically improve


Aveda does everything well. From skin care to hair care and everything in between, the Aveda brand has staying power and has proven to be a leader in the industry. Using only plant-derived ingredients, this brand was built on an environment conscious platform, creating products that had zero impact on the Earth’s climate. As one of the first sustainable hair care companies, Aveda maintains is commitment to provide exceptional hair care using cutting edge, all natural methods.Black hair responds well to the Shampure (esp relaxed hair), Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair, Smooth Infusion Style Prep and Smoother and of course, the Brilliance Emollient Finishing Gloss 

AVEDA Brilliance Finishing Gloss, is perfect on dull, dry hair, and it doesn't add weight as it shines. The perfect finish on any hairstyle

Aveda Shampure gently cleanses relaxed hair which is easily prone to breakage


Known for his anti-frizz products, John Frieda has a serum, pomade and crème for every type of hair. His products repel humidity, defineS curl and add tremendous volume. Many natural sistas use his line to keep their fros fresh while others swear by it for the ultimate in weave care maintenance. I recommend it for bi-racial hair and also to keep curly weave without frizz.

John Freida Frizz Ease also 3-DAY Straight line

So the fact is, there’s no need to shop the products with the “black girl” on the packaging, its a big world out there, the beauty industry is very diverse and you should be too, its all in the ingredients. Happy shopping and Happy hair styling!!  BEAUTY IS DIVERSE!

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