Protective Hairstyles


 What’s the new wave ‘protective styles’ ?! Many women with relaxed hair swear by them. They say it helps their hair grow. So is it true? 

Full Sew In w/Closure


Protective styles don’t necessarily make your hair grow, but they do make it possible to prevent excess breakage since your hair may be breaking off faster than it grows. What protective styles do, is keep your hair shaft / ends protected. It’s a good way to stretch the time between relaxers which will prevent thinning due to relaxer overlapping.   

Halo Braid

Try  of these protective styles and see if you experience more hair retention. Just make sure, no matter which way you wear your hair, that your edges are not too tight, & your hair is adequately moisturized. Do not keep these styles longer than your stylist stipulates.  

Stylish Boxer Braids

 Let me know your results!

Malibu 😉