Shampoo reviews

Mizani Botanifying Shampoo
Creme Of Nature Detangling Shampoo

These are the more affordable of the 4 I mentioned, the creme of nature the cheaper of the 2. I also STRONGLY recommend the creme of nature for home use.

 Mizani Botanifying shampoo is awesome! It’s sooo moisturizing without the grease (pantene relaxed & natural anyone?), and “a little goes a long way” All you need is little bit with this shampoo and you can easily work up a rich lather! After a good thorough cleaning of my hair & scalp with this shampoo the result is baby soft hair. It smells great also. It’s soo easy to detangle with this shampoo. It works for both natural and relaxed hair. I would definitely recommend this gentle shampoo to everyone. Follow with the fulfyl conditioner and the results are AMAZING. Mizani makes great products period, call me their brand ambassador!!
Creme Of Nature Detangling Shampoo is an old favorite that will never go out of style, and if it does I would riot at revlon! this shampoo promises affordable quality. I recommend this for anyone one with slightly dry to dry hair looking for a great detangling shampoo. Good for both relaxed and natural hair. OF NOTE IS THAT U MUST follow with the conditioner and the result is managable hair that isnt weighed down

Shampoo reviews

here’s the follow up to my last blog with reviews of the shampoos i mentioned…this is the Nexxus Botanoil Botanical Treatment Shampoo

Nexxus Botanoil Botanical Treatment Shampoo

If you have abused your hair with everything possible this shampoo is pricey but well worth it. It smells citrusy and delivers if you have tinted, bleached, permed / relaxed hair…

Botanoil Botanical Treatment Shampoo is specifically formulated with time released Antioxidant Vitamins, replenishing Nutrients and Ultraviolet Protectors to help coloured and chemically treated hair maintain its vibrant colour and beauty. It also improves hair’s softness and elasticity by replacing Botanical Lipids lost during chemical services. These natural oils are necessary for the hair to remain pliable with a lustrous shine. Elastins and the hair’s own Amino Acids, Cysteine and Cystine, restore strength and suppleness to chemically damaged hair. I repeat if your hair is abused  Botanoil produces dramatic results on coloured, bleached, permed and relaxed hair. …

NOPE, not all shampoos are created equal

This Healthy Hair can be yours, the right shampoo does make a difference


I’m almost sure if i peek into many female’s bathroom shelf I would find varying numbers of shampoos & conditioners….not to mention a girl with relaxed hair because everytime a stylist or a friend tells her that something works she goes out & buy it…..even I am a bit guilty, but then its my job to test products out! Well this is much is true a $200 shampoo is not the same as an $800 shampoo & i’m going to go on & explain why. Not all shampoos are created equal so dont for a second feel that shampoos are only to remove dirt.

Technically speaking, your cheap shampoo is cleaning your hair just as well as her more expensive shampoo. However, it’s the secondary impact of shampoo (the things that shampoo does beyond removing dirt and grime) where the difference lies. The quality of the shampoo you use–more specifically, the ingredients in the shampoo—have a significant impact on the look, feel and health of your hair

The difference between a high-quality shampoo and a low-quality shampoo is the chemical used as the surfactant, i.e., the cheaper the shampoo, the worse the surfactant.

Chemically treated hair can never get enough hydration because relaxed hair is very porous, so it’s difficult for moisture to stay trapped in the cuticle so definately use a super-moisturizing shampoo for your relaxed hair. 
If your hair is natural, have a consultation done to determine your hair type & use shampoos specifically designed for that. Clarifying shampoos are also very important. They remove build up left behind by gels, pomades, mousses and other products used to add moisture to the hair. A clarifying shampoo is more acidic than a regular shampoo and as such should only be used once every 4-6 weeks
So i’m gonna help by giving you some shampoo suggestions if you cant always make it to the salon to have regular shampoo services which is something I suggest because hair is very fragile when it is wet & many dont know how to shampoo the hair without tangling, remove tangle without tearing or how to properly dry hair without damaging it.
NOTE: Very foamy shampoos are the most drying for obvious reasons so choose one that does not foam too much. You may have to try a few different products to find one that is both kind to your hair and your pocket!
Here goes….

1. A reasonably priced shampoo line that does not foam too much is the Cream of Nature shampoo line. I STRONGLY recommend this to my clients for home care. Some of them also have great moisturizing benefits hence do not leave the hair dry in spite of the sulphates.

2. Paul Mitchell is a tad pricey but an excellent line for damaged/chemically-treated hair as it very hydrating

3. MIZANI Botanifying is my personal fave, this is a salon brand so instructions should be followed as in match it with the Fulfyl Conditioner. This too is a higher end product.

4. Nexxus Therapee is an intense hydration shampoo that is also great for naturally fine hair. This too is moderately priced

I could go on for days but those are my top 4 SO……..

…….next time you’re shopping shampoo, spend more time than usual reading the label. Get crazy and buy two higher-quality bottles. The extra time and pennies you spend on a shampoo with a high quality surfactant will be worthwhile thanks to the impact you, and the ladies & men, will notice in the look, feel, and health of your hair.

One love,