Pixie Cuts – for the bold on the go!

Getting a pixie cut seems to be the latest celebrity fashion. Just check out Brandy’s new do on Instagram ❤


Are you itching for this fierce, bold look? Well once you realize it’s not just about a cut, but maintaining that haircut, you’re ready to give it a go.

A pixie cut looks good only when you learn to maintain it properly. Yes, short hair is equal to low maintenance but, then if you wish that your hair to look chic, remain healthy and grow properly, then care for your hair. Its low maintenance but not no- maintenance!!!

Here are some simple tips to keep be a pixie pro…

1. Short hair can become sticky when its dirty. So, you need to shampoo your hair regularly (4 -7 days) and, keep it clean and bouncy. So if you find yourself unable to get to the salon often, try washing your hair in the night, apply a leave-in conditioner and, mold to dry until the morning.

2. Heat should only be used on SPECIAL occasions and NOT everyday or 3-4 times a week. Before using the heat protect your hair with a heat protective serum or cream and not an oil. Keep in mind to use as little heat as possible because it can only do more damage to relaxed hair if frequently used. Tiny rollers are a must-have

3. Use a rectangle shaped silk head tie. For additional support, use a bonnet over the head tie.

4. Opt out of saturating hair with too much product. This leaves your hair looking cake-y. Light natural oils are enough to keep your hair looking shiny.

A hair style is only part of the package. Make sure your life style and personality match up. Pixie cuts are fashion forward, fresh, beautiful with lots of styling options… don’t be afraid to give it a try


Low maintenance hair-dos will save you lots of time and stress. So go ahead and book an appointment to request a fresh, easy to style cut with a dash of color so you can continue on being the bold woman you are. Work hard, stay humble, and keep it moving!


One Love 😉