Hair Fashion – L’oreal Colour Trophy 2012

‘Hair marries fashion’ , EVERY hairstylist who lives their career lives by this. Colour can make a simple hairstyle or haircut, truly unique & high fashion.

The L’oreal Colour Trophy always inspires me to colour and colour some more 🙂 .

These are some of my favourite looks from this years competition worldwide, check them out below, as they say “HAIR INSPIRED BY FASHION” 

Amazing right?!, happy colouring

One Love

Malibu 😉

Beautiful hair between exercise – YES YOU CAN!

Many of my clients are now hitting the gym. I commend all of you who want to have a fit, healthy body.A healthy lifestyle is the way to go 🙂 However, for those that I don’t see on a weekly basis, when I  do see them their hair is drier than before. Some also call me asking what they can do to still look great for work the next morning after an evening at the gym.



So, this is dedicated to all my clients, all who send their questions and all of you who are hitting the gym, plus all who want to but prefer preserving their hairstyle.

The main causes of exercise hair damage are salt damage from healthy sweating and the drying agents in shampoos you use at home. Maintaining your hair while you exercise doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

A little tender, loving workout hair care will keep your hair as fit and healthy as your body.

Lets go,

The most important thing to do while you workout is CHANGE YOUR DIET, DRINK MORE WATER.

drink more water

You may be wondering why the hairdresser is telling you this, but more water lowers the sodium (salt) content in your sweat. Which, by extension lessens the drying effect on your hair & scalp. A GOOD THING!

It is important to keep salt off the ends of relaxed hair. If your hair is short enough to become soaked with sweat while working out you want to protect the ends. Do this by sealing them with oil.

Mizani Supreme Oil Hair Treatment contains all natural oils, easily absorbed by hair

Mizani Supreme Oil is great for this. 2 to 3 drops of oil rubbed in the palms and rubbed on the ends of the hair in sectioned handfuls only takes a few minutes and can save you from many, many split ends.

If you will not be able to wash your relaxed hair after a heavy workout you want to tie the hair down to keep the edges straight. A satin scarf like a sleep scarf is perfect for keeping relaxed hair in place while working out and if left on will help assure that the hair dries straight. Another option is the use of a head band with a silky surface such as a sleep hair band. If your hair is long enough for a ponytail the head band option is probably all you need.

Sweat should be washed out of relaxed hair as soon as possible because of the salt. Salt is drying and will dry your hair out very quickly, especially if on the ends of the hair. Shampooing weekly or twice a week depending on your workout schedule is vital. You can also “co-wash”. Co-washing is using conditioner instead of shampoo; this process for relaxed hair is not as harsh as shampooing and is all that is needed unless the hair is really dirty. What you do is rinse the sweat out of your hair with clear running water then layer on the conditioner and allow it sit. Comb through the hair and rinse out the conditioner. Co-washing also keeps new growth soft and blended with the relaxed hair.

To keep split ends at bay it is important to keep heat application on relaxed hair to a minimum and maintain a healthy moisture. Do not attempt to blow dry hair after a workout session. Allow you hair to air dry! You may want to try roller setting with a leave in conditioner, allow it to dry, then wrapping for a straight style or leaving it as is for a curly look. You may also try moisturising your wrap with coconut oil while you work out. That way, there is little to do when you head home.

Feel free to ask me anything else about working out and your hair on twitter @malibubeautyjm, because I know everyone’s hair & routine is different


Allow your workout routine to co-exist with your relaxed hair without causing damage, because no woman should feel she has to choose between improving her health and having healthy hair that she can wear however she chooses. These tips also work well on natural hair

Happy exercising!


One Love 😉