Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy System – revolution in black hair care!

Are you naturally curly and prefer to wear straight, frizz free hair? Are you transitioning from relaxed to natural? Do you want the relaxer look, without the potential damage? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I’m happy to share the NEW Strengthening Therapy System by Design Essentials.

For those of you that know me, you already know my love affair with HEALTHY hair. For those of you that don’t well, i’m extremely passionate about my work, health and educating clients. I “rep” for quality products which is why I just had to bring this quality system to my salon station.



Design Essentials S.T.S ( Strengthening Therapy System) is truly state of the art.It’s an amino-acid infused Thermal Reconditioning System that goes beyond strength to straighten, stretch and smooth, frizzy, naturally curly, multi-textured, transitioning and chemically treated hair for up to 12 weeks.



Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy System is neither a relaxer system nor a keratin system. Unlike Keratin systems, Strengthening Therapy is truly Formaldehyde Free. It is an Amino-Acid based system that tames, smoothes and elongates curls for a lasting, yet non-permanent effect (up to 12 weeks).

The Design Essentials STS is NOT a chemical, but a protein based treatment that does not contain any harsh or permanent chemicals. Unlike chemical based products, Strengthening Therapy System does not break nor rearrange the bonds. In contrast, it fills the hair fiber with micro-fine amino acids, resulting in the stretching or elongation of the hair strand, while providing maximum strengthening to the hair. Strengthening Therapy System is actually one of the safest and most effective amino-acid infused thermal reconditioning systems on the market. It is even gentle enough to be used on a child without damage or harm to the child or her hair

Some may ask if amino acids aren’t protein which is similar to the keratin treatment, well yes they are BUT Silk amino acids are silk proteins broken down into small enough units to be beneficial to your hair.

Your hair will love silk amino acids because they’re so moisturizing and protect against heat damage. This is such a wonderful revelation for black women’s hair.

So lets break it down:

Who should try STS?

I recommend it for anyone who is frustrated transitioning from relaxed to natural; clients who are natural and are seeking manageability and curl definition especially mixed girls; and clients whose hair is weakened or chemically altered (relaxed,permanent colored, etc) and are experiencing breakage.

What are the products like?

The System is divided into four products which focus on strengthening the hair while yielding straight, silky, smooth results without permanent chemical alteration. These four products include: Cleansing Sulfate Free Shampoo, Transitioning Mousse, Elongation Mousse and Silkening Spray.

How long does it last?

You will see up to 12 weeks of results of visibly stronger, healthier, more manageabile hair that is silky smooth, perfectly curled and frizz free


I’m really excited about this revolution in black hair care, feel free to ask me more about it and to make your appointment to have it done. It is a salon-exclusive treatment and should ONLY be done by a DE certified stylist.

Fall in love with your hair

One Love 😉