Hot Hair Ingredient – Argan Oil ~ Have you tried it?

Argan Oil is the hot new ingredient for women seeking softer, sleeker, smoother and shiny-er (lol) hair. Its especially popular with women of color, because it works amazing on textured hair, both relaxed and natural

Many companies have now infused their products with this wonder oil. I personally went out and got the 1st set, the original “moroccan oil” and fell in love with it after seeing the results on my client’s hair. A big plus was that it smells great, a little goes a long way and it is extremely light so this meant it was a dream for my clients with really fine hair.

So here’s some Argan Oil F.Y.I……
Its grown and harvested in the southwest region of Morocco from the argan tree which has provided a beauty secret to women of the region for hundreds of years. Moroccan women actually use the oil harvested from its kernels to apply on their dry hair for styling and overnight moisture treatments.

This ancient Moroccan secret has found quite a receptive market in the United States and has since spread like wild fire, making Argan oil now the hot new ingredient for women seeking softer, silkier hair.

Now black women always want softer hair, smoother hair and as such popular black hair product companies have infused their products with it but beware not all of them have got it right. The thing is it works for relaxed hair as it acts like a daily leave in treatment. It gives maximum nutrition, softness and shine while soaking into the hair and leaves no oily residue or heavy buildup. I always preach “A great leave-in moisturizer is a must for relaxed hair!”

Be careful, if your purchase an Argan Oil product it must NOT feel greasy!

Here are my top picks for argan-oil-infused products:

1. Moroccan Oil. Duh!!! A permanent fixture on my hair station — that brand in the familiar sky-blue label calls itself “the original” for a reason. Moroccan Oil helped to put argan oil on the mainstream map, and there’s a reason it’s so popular with women with both relaxed and natural hair. It smells awesome, andIT WORKS! 

My Top Pick the purest in my opinion

2. Creme of Nature is known and loved by black women with all different hair textures, and the new Creme of Nature with Argan OilFrom Morocco line promises to deliver radiant shine and intense moisture to dry dull hair. The Gloss and Shine mist would be great for already-styled hair, while the Intensive Conditioning Treatment promises to strengthen, moisturize and prevent breakage. This is the most affordable way to give argan oil a try! Look for the new red packages on beauty store shelves. The shine spray is a good buy for at home maintenance, I recommend it to my clients, TIP: the creme moisturizer though, is best for very thick natural hair, if you have relaxed hair don’t buy it.

Gloss & Shine mist - keep it at home or in your handbag

3. BE Beverly Hills has a hot, new Inspired Shine and Repair Serum with Argan Oilthat blends pure and premium ingredients to rehydrate and protect your hair. Argan, jojoba and avocado oil, combined with silk amino acids and SPF protection. This costs a pretty penny and it’s also paraben free!

BE Beverly Hills Serum - worth the $$$$

So what are you waiting for….. Have you tried argan oil yet?

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