Marula Oil – Africa’s secret

Africa Has Many Secrets,
Its black history month so its only right I review its liquid gold to haircare.
In Africa, there is an oil so precious, that the fruit it is squeezed from is wild-harvested by hand and cold-pressed to retain its nutrients. This oil, which comes from the fruit of  the Marula tree, has 50% more protective antioxidants than argan oil and has a time release technology which nourishes and hydrates hair throughout the day.


It restores, replenish and revitalize weak, distressed hair. It is the Marula Oil. This indulgent, fast absorbing oil is so hydrating, replenishing and sustainable, it’s been a been an African secret for thousands of years.
It makes an excellent hot oil treatment or daily moisturiser.



It is so good that popular product lines have an entire collection, namely Motions & Paul Mitchell…. so be sure to check it out & include it in your regimen

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