Most Unhealthy Hair Habits

As a stylist I come across a lot of damage and often times its as a results of the clients daily lives and habits why they can never fully recover from damaged hair. I’ve combined a list of some common habitual culprits:

Skipping a leave -in conditionerjane-carter-solution-leave-in-conditioner-8oz-1


Conditioner helps protecting your hair from damage, but a regular 3 min conditioner after you shampoo is not enough. You need to maintain a moisture balance.  Skipping a leave in conditioning treatment often make your hair weak to the style tools you use.





The tighter the braids, the more likely the damage. They result in split ends and uncontrollable frizz if worn for too long.


Hair extensions are pretty but can cause your hair to break and usually this breakage occurs at the root. Don’t keep them in too long and do a conditioning treatment prior to install.1000w

Unbalanced Diet

If want healthy hair, you need essential nutrients for a healthy scalp and hair. Eating well is the key.

Too much productimages

Too much product BUILDS UP! Using too much styling products leaves a nasty residue which results in damage. Products that have a lot of petroleum and alchohol are the main culprits. Gel and hair oils.


Clean hair is great but know your hair type to select the right products to shampoo your hair as needed. Washing your hair strips it of natural oils and can leave it looking dull, so consult with a stylist as to recommendations of how often to wash and what to use to do so.


Stress can cause your hair to fall out or slow down the growth process.

Ponytail clips with metal/ or raw elastic bands

These slice and break hair strands. Don’t use them.


Smoking can leave a residue on your hair that takes away from natural lustre and shine. Actually it has negative impact on your skin, scalp and hair.


Just because you aren’t bleaching your hair but using a semi permanent color instead, does not mean your hair is safe from color damage. All colors do some damage to your hair, the more often you color, the more damage you are doing. Yo are actually depositing onto your hair shaft which results in build up. Color on a whole is a professional job.


Bleaching reduces moisture and change the chemical make-up of your hair leaving it dry and brittle. If you cannot afford to maintain it, it best to leave it alone.

Do it yourself Perms

Whether you use a perm to go curly or straight, you are setting your hair up for damage. Over-processing is easy so its best to have a professional administer your chemical use

Excessive hot tools

Curling irons and flat irons are not your hair’s best friend. Try to minimize your use of heat when styling and if you must like those of you with short cuts, use a heat protectant before you start to prevent damage

Excessive Blow drying

Hair is most fragile when wet, especially relaxed hair so its best to use a hooded dryer at least to get the excess water out before blow drying or roller set. Using a blow dryer with each shampoo will only strip your hair of it’s natural moisture.

Hope you’re gonna make some changes for your hair’s sake if you do any of these habitually.

great hair starts with you!

One luv 😉



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