Black hair – harder to manage?!

There is a natural hair revolution going on and I actually embrace it, as much as I’m an extension expert. I just love hair and believe it makes us who we are. Anyhow,
After reading this book on going natural, these quotes stuck in my head. It is true most women complain of their hair being hard to manage. But is that really the case? Thoughts anyone?

“The misconception that African hair is hard to manage is based on the custom of daily combing and daily styling one’s hair.

“Natural African hair does not need combing or styling everyday because hairstyles stay unimpaired for at least one week on average…most combs are unsuitable for natural hair…to be able to comb through the hair on a daily basis cannot be used as a standard to define our hair as ‘hard to manage’.

“Defining nappy hair as unmanageable based on the above standard would be like, defining straight hair as unmanageable because it…can hardly keep a braid, a cornrow or a curl. It doesn’t make sense does it?”

-Mireille Liong-A-Kong, Going Natural

What do you think?
One love 😉


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