Olive Oil Kit Relaxer – Product Review


Olive Oil Box Relaxer

Now before I review this product, I am going to inform about what a box relaxer is because relaxing your hair is a chemical service and you SHOULD get it done by a licensed professional. AND, if you must do it yourself for cost reasons,,, its best you get the best value for you buck!

No-lye relaxers are the box kits you find in the stores which you should only buy on as “is abolutely necessary” basis. NOT every 6weeks. No-lye relaxers leave mineral deposits on your hair which prevents your hair from absorbing much needed moisture. Lack of moisture equals dry hair, a dull hair color and dry hair leads to breakage. And what does breakage lead too?

Well I don’t need to tell you that. Just look at the crown of some women on the street with relaxed hair heads, on maybe even your own hair or lack there of.

Not only does No-lye relaxers cause hair loss and breakage, but it also straightens your hair to the point were your follicles no longer have it’s elasticity at all. And one pulling of the strand causes your hair to break off.

Don’t be deterred though, I know we are all facing hard times in this recession, so if you ever have to run to the store to get a kit relaxer as a pro I suggest you DO NOT BUY THIS ONE:

There is one PRO: The best thing in this kit is the Replenishing Pak! It works!

CONS – – As for all else : The relaxer dries the hair out, which is due to the Calcium Hydroxide in it. The ORS Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo is suppose to neutralize. I agree it does to an extent and is chelating, which removes the calcium deposits BUT it has ALS and SLS which strips your hair, hence that natural hair colour change you get from repeated use of kit relaxers.

So, the point is even if you are experienced with using kits, relaxing your own hair, proceed cautiously and don’t be afraid to do additional research or ask someone else to assist you with the actual process. Knowledge, preparation and due caution can be the one thing that stands between you and going bald!

So I gave you some knowledge, Olive Oil may just work for you, its my review, feel free to comment and give your own review

One Love

Malibu 😉

Even if you don’t see the effects of your box kit No-lye Relaxed now, you will eventually see the affects as one of my clients years down the road when your hair has no porosity at all. Your hair will become completely dry and brittle and no longer able to retain moisture.


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