Best ‘White girl’ products for Black girl hair

Black Hair Products in the store aisle

We can pretty much gauge which make- up brands & products complement our deeper skin tone, but hair products can take a bit more research. The thing is every black girl has a different texture hair. Gone are the days when we relied solely on Ultra Sheen and Luster’s Pink Oil Moisturizer. Today’s hair care market is saturated with styling tools and remedies guaranteed to revitalize dull, lifeless hair; and interestingly enough the products offering and delivering some of the best results are products made by and for white people! 

Because hair is our greatest accessory, hair products are extremely important. Each brand promises to do something great for us like provide better nourishment, yield shiny hair and prevent split ends. In my career I have found that many “white girl” products delivers the goods. I love trying new things and through my trial and error I have found that many black girls rely on these “white girl” products to maintain healthy hair & look amazing.


The conditioners are so rich in this line. The leave in conditioner does well if you are going to blow dry. My personal favorite is the Garnier Fructis Fortifying Deep Conditioner 3 Minute Masque.

Garnier 3 minute masque deep conditions bleached or coloured hair well to help protect against breakage

It protects colour treated hair and leaves the hair softer without stripping the hue. Impressive is also the permanent colour line and how well it covers grays. Apparently the grape-seed and avocado oil really sets this product apart, because not only does it deliver amazing coverage and true tonal value, but women have actually seen hair texture and overall hair condition dramatically improve


Aveda does everything well. From skin care to hair care and everything in between, the Aveda brand has staying power and has proven to be a leader in the industry. Using only plant-derived ingredients, this brand was built on an environment conscious platform, creating products that had zero impact on the Earth’s climate. As one of the first sustainable hair care companies, Aveda maintains is commitment to provide exceptional hair care using cutting edge, all natural methods.Black hair responds well to the Shampure (esp relaxed hair), Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair, Smooth Infusion Style Prep and Smoother and of course, the Brilliance Emollient Finishing Gloss 

AVEDA Brilliance Finishing Gloss, is perfect on dull, dry hair, and it doesn't add weight as it shines. The perfect finish on any hairstyle

Aveda Shampure gently cleanses relaxed hair which is easily prone to breakage


Known for his anti-frizz products, John Frieda has a serum, pomade and crème for every type of hair. His products repel humidity, defineS curl and add tremendous volume. Many natural sistas use his line to keep their fros fresh while others swear by it for the ultimate in weave care maintenance. I recommend it for bi-racial hair and also to keep curly weave without frizz.

John Freida Frizz Ease also 3-DAY Straight line

So the fact is, there’s no need to shop the products with the “black girl” on the packaging, its a big world out there, the beauty industry is very diverse and you should be too, its all in the ingredients. Happy shopping and Happy hair styling!!  BEAUTY IS DIVERSE!

One Love

Malibu 😉



One thought on “Best ‘White girl’ products for Black girl hair

  1. Vickie Taylor says:

    I’m loving your information on these products and it make sense! I’m an African American been in the business for a while but I’m looking for some new and improved idea’s as utube has almost taken over our industry with at home techniques but has no knowledge of the hair’s health or reasons why some hair problems may appear! Thanks!

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