Why is your hair thinning?


Lately, I’ve been having a few clients battling with this unfortunate hair situation.  So I figure that now would be as good time to address thinning hair. Some lovely ladies don’t feel confident about wearing their hair down without feeling self conscious about the way their hair looks. 😦


The thing about thinning hair is that there can be so many causes of it. Thin hair is 90% a result of something.  My job as a stylist is to seek out and identify what’s causing it, your job is too. If the cause isn’t clear, trying to solve the problem may be pointless. Finding out the true cause may take some work on your end, but if you are serious about making a change, it will be well worth it.

So the facts are…..

Your hair has been shedding like crazy

Every time you comb or detangle,  you lose a lot of hairs

Your hair isn’t growing


Because your hair follicle isn’t strong

Probably because your scalp is unhealthy

Your scalp is the “soil” from where your hair grows, make sure it’s as healthy as possible The opening on the scalp where the hair grows can actually be blocked off. Once blocked, the hair suffocates and slows growth. Blood flow to the scalp is also important so make sure your body is healthy.

Lets address the reasons & see what you can do….


The impact of stress on our hair is big. Most obviously we see it in the grays that seem to take over in just a few short years.  Hair loss is another result of stress. When we’re stressed, our body depletes, we usually don’t eat healthy so our blood flow contains fewer nutrients. We also tend to worry which further minimizes circulation. Add this all together and you have the recipe for thinning hair.  If you think you are the sufferer of stress related hair loss, you have to take action to shift your state to one where you experiencing joy. This creates a level of openness all over. When you are in an open, relaxed state, things start to flow again. Not just inside but in your external world as well. If you don’t know where to start, begin by positive daily affirmations., Its worth a try


Over Processing

I think the biggest factor in thinning hair is over processing when you incorrectly relax the hair. Over processing could mean using a relaxer strength that is too much or relaxing the hair too often. Try stretching your relaxer to 8 – 19 weeks sometimes. Also have your hair done by a professional, burns leave your scalp unhealthy over time.

Age / Hormonal Changes

With aging comes change. Our skin changes, our bodies change, our hair changes. Thinning hair is one of the signs of aging. This means that we have to fight against the normal effects of getting older. Try to mimic youth through lifestyle changes. Excercise, eat right and take dietary supplements as necessary. Biotin, silica, omega-3s…just to name a few

220 biotin-supplements

Stimulation / Products

Massage your scalp and eliminate too much product. Too much grease clogs pores. Try natural oils instead. Peppermint, tea tree oil, castor oil, coconut oil to name a few.


If you choose to incorporate any of the tips I shared here, they aren’t going to happen over night. Instead, its a long-term shift in your lifestyle. Set a personal goal, affirm it and your actions will adjust accordingly. Show gratitude for your hair and be grateful to the new hairs that will come into your life.  Remember nothing is permanent and recognize the power you have to create the head of hair that you desire.


One Love,

Malibu 😉

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