Shampoo reviews

Mizani Botanifying Shampoo
Creme Of Nature Detangling Shampoo

These are the more affordable of the 4 I mentioned, the creme of nature the cheaper of the 2. I also STRONGLY recommend the creme of nature for home use.

 Mizani Botanifying shampoo is awesome! It’s sooo moisturizing without the grease (pantene relaxed & natural anyone?), and “a little goes a long way” All you need is little bit with this shampoo and you can easily work up a rich lather! After a good thorough cleaning of my hair & scalp with this shampoo the result is baby soft hair. It smells great also. It’s soo easy to detangle with this shampoo. It works for both natural and relaxed hair. I would definitely recommend this gentle shampoo to everyone. Follow with the fulfyl conditioner and the results are AMAZING. Mizani makes great products period, call me their brand ambassador!!
Creme Of Nature Detangling Shampoo is an old favorite that will never go out of style, and if it does I would riot at revlon! this shampoo promises affordable quality. I recommend this for anyone one with slightly dry to dry hair looking for a great detangling shampoo. Good for both relaxed and natural hair. OF NOTE IS THAT U MUST follow with the conditioner and the result is managable hair that isnt weighed down

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