Best 2015 Black Women Hairstyle Trends

Let’s start the year in style. Here are my picks for some trending looks that I think are going to be sticking around this year.


Coloured pixie cut – Natalie Ellie


Short cuts with bangs – Jennifer Hudson


Half up Ponytails, baby-hairs too 🙂 – Rihanna


Long straight vixen black hair – Rihanna


Assymetrical Bob – Chanel Iman


The curly tousled bob – Amber Riley


Textured Side Swept Hair – Eve


Platinum Blonde – Ashanti


High Bun – Alicia Keys

What looks will you be wearing?!
Have a positive, healthy, stylish year 🙂

One Love
Malibu 😉


Styling short hair

Since your hair is short, you can’t afford to have dry, split ends due to over curling or over flat-ironing. Using an ionic, ceramic curling or flat iron will work well as long as they have temperature controls. 300-370 degrees is plenty of heat to style relaxed hair depending on your hair’s thickness. There is no need to run the irons over a section of hair more than once and definitely no more than twice


Just a short styling tip!
One love
Malibu 😉

CO-WASHING – what you need to know…

So the term co-washing has been popping up all over the web and in the black beauty world these days, but what is it? Well, its Condition washing and what that means is that you simply replace your shampoo with conditioner and it can be done as regularly as you wash your hair. This is called a no-poo regime. However, a shampoo is needed every now and then to give your hair a good cleanse.

So here is what i think you need to know before you co.wash as a stylist.

Conditioner washing is more gentle than regular shampooing. It minimizes colour damage and cuts down the stripping of oils caused by some harsh ingredients in shampoo. So if you work out daily or have bleached hair this can be beneficial to you to maintain moisture in both relaxed and natural hair.

If you decide to make co-washing a regular part of your hair care regime, stay away from silicone. Most of the time, the ingredients that end in -cone are sublets of silicone and are very difficult to wash out of hair. They are usually synthetic additives and are not waer-soluble which makes them difficult to dissolve and rinse out of your hair. This eventually ends up leaving build up in your hair.

You can over wash your hair when condition washing. If your hair starts to feel mushy or spongy, then its time to leave that conditioner bottle alone

You have to take the reaction of your scalp to the conditioner into consideration. If you have dermatitis (skin inflammation) it is best you stay away from constant conditioning as this could worsen your condition.

If you have oily hair, the conditioner could add more grease and oil to your hair leading to unnecessary build up. You can use the shampoo instead to remove some of that oil. The opposite applies to people with dry hair

Take your environment into consideration. If you live, work or move around areas with a lot of dust and air pollution you may want to stay away from the conditioner. Conditioners tend to add to the dirt because they are oil based and attract and blind particles. A shampoo would help cleanse all the dirt out .

If your hair is extra dry, then when you co-wash, seal in all that moisture with virgin oil, castor oil or coconut oil and leave it in to dry. This way you seal in the moisture in your hair strands and your hair slowly but surely starts to get all its moisture back.

Now, I know some of you may be thinking twice about that co-washing on a daily basis . I suggest adding a gentle sulfate free shampoo to your weekly hair care regimen.

One Love 😉

New Year Beauty Resolutions

As we all vow to do or not to do a host of thing in this new year, lets all vow to be kind to our hair & skin this year! What better way to start the year by breaking some bad habits to improve our physical well being. After all when we look good, we feel good!

1.Enhance your natural hair with healthy hair practices. Like

  • Use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type
  •  Have regular trims. Any stylist will recommend you visit the salon every six to eight weeks to zap split ends and encourage the hair to feel healthier
  • Deep cleanse your hair weekly to remove product build-up
  • Deep treat every other week
  • Reduce heat styling but if you must, use a good protector spray or serum
  • Choose non-greasy products that don’t weigh your hair down.

2. Pay attention to what you put in your body

  • Stress and negative emotions can play a part in hair loss, flaky scalp conditions and excess sebum (oil) production. Find time to relax and de-stress
  • Eat a well-balanced diet. If you lead a busy life and don’t have time to cook, supplement your diet with the hair-building vitamins B6, B12, evening primrose oil, folic acid and a good multivitamin.
  • Eliminate smoking, caffeine and fizzy drinks from your life

3. Practice Good Skincare

  • Cleanse your skin every night
  • Do not pick at your skin
  • Wear sunscreen daily
  • Find the BEST products for your skin type

Have a beautiful 2014 everyone 😉

One Love, Malibu


Its Christmas!! Party Hair Ideas & Tips

Nothing tops off a FAB party outfit like a FAB hairdo! But with so many styles out there, it’s hard to come up with an appropriate ‘do that suits your personal style. No worries — I’ve got you covered 😉

Here are my trendy picks for styles to keep you on trend and party pretty from now into 2014.


hbz-the-list-hair-beauty-gwen-stefani-000-sm      1071383-bang_bang  1071363-party_girl



1071323-braided_beauty 1071333-cinnamon_bun 1071393-haute_hair



Michael Kors Lifestyle Store Opening hbz-the-list-hair-beauty-natalie-portman-005-sm


"Good Hair" - Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals The 2010 Princess Grace Awards Gala - Cocktails 1071253-awesome_asymmetric_


hbz-the-list-hair-beauty-taylor-swift-003-sm rby-african-american-hair-ashanti-lgn rby-african-american-hair-amber-riley-lgn rby-african-american-hair-kelly-rowland-lgn rby-african-american-hair-michelle-williams-lgn rby-african-american-hair-beyonce-lgn rby-african-american-hair-jada-pinkett-smith-lgn rby-african-american-hair-jennifer-hudson-lgn


images2WH1N1A6 rihanna_glamour_11sep13_PA_b_592x888 rihanna_glamour_9sep13_spl_b_592x888


9341-let_it_go 9402-locked_up


Thoses are my picks so I hope you are style-spired, happy holidays 🙂



AMA’s 2013 Hair hits & misses


HIT Jordin Sparks




MISS Ariana Grande


HIT Heidi Klum


HIT Zoe Saldana




MISS Kelly Osbourne


HIT Taylor Swift


MISS Lil Mama


HIT Katy Perry


HIT Aubrey Oday


HIT Naya Rivera




MISS Kesha


HIT Christina Aguilera


HIT Miley Cyrus


These are all my personal faves & flops, what your yours???

One love

Malibu xo! 😉

Jamaican Black Castor Oil – miracle in a bottle!

IMG01575-20110107-0645 For years, Castor Oil has been a multi-use product in the homes of most Jamaicans, however in recent times especially with the natural hair revolution in the black community its been popping up in the beauty aisles.




In Jamaica, Castor Oil has many uses, some include:

  • Hot & scalp treatment
  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Thicken eyebrows
  • Daily skin moisturizer
  • Massage oil
  • Aches and pains
  • Laxative

The praises for pure black castor oil sings loud & clear. It is a great organic oil, so be sure to purchase those that are salt and additives free. Now i’m no scientist however black castor oil has some key ingredients that are beneficial to the body. castor oil is rich in Omega-9 fatty acids which is a good thing. I’m not going down into the biochemistry of it though.

Here’s where I think it comes out a miracle oil, on those thinning edges, itchy scalp & on bleached / dehydrated / brittle hair.

jamaican black

A few drops massaged into the scalp 2 to 3 times a week moisturises the scalp and stimulates growth especially on the temples on edges of those of you with thinning edges from braids, weaving and such.


Also added into your conditioner for deep treatment or as a hot oil treatment it seals moisture into strands providing help for brittle hair.

I recommend it to my clients that I have permanently colored as a hair oil. The reason is permanently colored hair tends to be more dry and prone to breakage.

Well, I suggest you all add a bottle to your beauty stock, (THE BLACK NOT CLEAR ONE) and its a little thick so less is more and tell me your results 😉

One Love,