Is it Scalp Eczema? 🤔

Ladies, do you struggle with dandruff or dry scalp? Are you sure it isn’t Scalp eczema? Most people, even doctors confuse the two, sometimes it could even be psoriasis but I’m gonna leave the latter for another blog. 

So what is Scalp Eczema & how do you identify it.

Scalp eczema is a type of eczema that causes inflamed, itchy, dry skin to form on your scalp. The most common type of scalp eczema is known as seborrheic dermatitis, and its most unwelcome symptom is dandruff. 

The big difference is that scalp eczema often results in greasy, yellowish flakes and the itching can be quite severe and accompanied with inflammation. Additionally if you have eczema elsewhere (under the nose, on the hands/legs etc) the likelihood is that what you may perceive as dandruff on your head may actually be eczema.   The fact is you may have dandruff without eczema but if eczema goes untreated you will suffer from both . 

How do you treat your Scalp Eczema…

The 1st step is to know the causes & the triggers 

 1. Decreased oils and moisture in your skin 

2. Doctors believe that a certain kind of yeast, Malassezia furfur, has a role in causing seborrheic eczema. Malassezia yeast is usually present on the outer surface of the skin. In those with scalp eczema, this yeast invades the superficial layers of skin and secretes substances that increase fatty acid production. This leads to inflammation and enhances production and dryness of skin, which causes the skin to flake.

3. Eczema may be atopic , meaning that your family has a tendency to develop eczema, yeast may not be the culprit. 

Some risk factors and triggers involve:

  • Being overweight 
  • Hormones 
  • Fatigue
  • Environmental factors (such as dry weather or warm)
  • Stress
  • Other skin issues (such as acne)
  • Certain medical conditions, including stroke, HIV, Parkinson’s disease, or head injury

So what can you do:

First it’s best to visit a dermatologist &/or a trichologist 
Avoid all hair & skin products with alcohol & do not itch & pick at your scalp

Pack up on moisture

Shampoo often & practice healthy hygiene

If you use OTC shampoos ingredients to look for are:

  • Selenium sulfide 
  • Ketaconazole 
  • Pyridine Zinc
  • Salycic Acid

Try Natural Remedies

  • Coal tar
  • Honey
  • Tea tree oil

And most importantly have a licensed stylist treat your hair & Scalp accordingly. 

Great hair starts with a healthy Scalp so be sure to examine & treat your Scalp well

Malibu 😉

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