Remy hair extensions are more popular than ever right now, they are expensive but the the best bang for your buck in the world of weaves. Caring for your weave will give you a good 6 mths usage out of your remy. I dont want to miss a thing so here goes part 1 of my 3 part entry to learn to care for your remy hair extensions.

This part will highlight the common things black ladies do that has their remy looking like a cheap “ratchet” synthetic weave


Malaysian Curly Virgin Remy

It doesn’t matter what technique or method you use to put in your extensions whether it be sewing, glue, braiding or clip-ins the fact is all hair extensions get dirty at some point due to build-up. Hair extensions even remy, much like our regular hair are subject to dirt and grime caused from environmental factors, lifestyle just and our own styling practices.Over time build-up can lead to less than stellar looking remy and can cause damage to both the weave and your hair if left untreated (not to mention the relentless itching). Here are the main culprits that cause excessive build-up to hair extensions.

Styling Products

Have you ever heard the saying ‘less is more’? Well too much styling product can lead to the exact opposite of that. One of the main causes of excess build-up on remy is excessive use of products on the hair to style it. The use of conditioning products and some stylers can be great for the sheen and hold but NOT too much.

Much like your natural hair it is encouraged that you reset the hair extensions to zero, meaning wash and thoroughly cleanse the hair of all serums and holding spray to avoid that filmy much like plastic hair product upon product effect. Once the hair is clean again you can begin the conditioning cycle until it is time to rewash again. Washing the hair every two weeks should be enough to reduce the effects of styling build-up.


moroccan oil hairspray for light hold and sheen


design essentials liquid shine for light sheen

If you must add sheen, go for the lightest oil sheen, my picks are Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray, it provides a hold as well as sheen, it’s light and not as oily. Another personal fave is Design Essentials Liquid Shine.

I am anti-spritz on remy because remy tends to hold curls better than a plain yaki. So try to eliminate it all together. For curly remy its best to use nothing at all but a sheen mist, STAY AWAY from curl creams on dry hair.


We all do it and after a grueling workout excessive sweating in the hair can be bad news. It is one of the top culprits for build-up, especially at the roots of the hair.  While working up a great sweat is works wonders for your heart, the sweat attracts dirt and the build-up is centered on the root of the hair. It is best to remove extensions if possible (clipins) from your hair when you are doing anything that would cause sweating or simply shampoo the hair after. If you are wearing a sew in then shampoo, trust me you will be thankful for a weave that is not smelly, stiff or cakey (the salts from your sweat does that).

Can you think of any other things that you do to cause build-up on your remy extensions??? If you can then Stop it 😉

Part 2 will be the shampooing and combing technique ….see ya then

One Love



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