Wear “Barbie” Pink Lips – without the ASH!

ImageLately a lot of black girls or “barbs” according to Nicki Minaj have been trying to achieve the pink lips look and haven’t had a success yet.

Bright lipsticks can be intimidating. Trust me, I know. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that dark women can’t wear red and hot pink. Luckily, thanks to celebs in the media, we now know that us black women can definitely rock the Barbie Pink Lips trend. 

Now I know we have all seen some bright lips on a black girl gone wrong but with simple tips you wont have to suffer the same fate.

One very IMPORTANT rule to adhere to is that LESS IS MORE. Since you are wearing such a bright lip colour it is absolutely vital to keep everything else low-key. Opt for pretty light (almost translucent) shimmery lids and cheeks for example.

Next, since each of us sisters are a different shade, there are different shades of pink to try which will achieve the desired pop of colour. That way you compliment your skin tone, instead of compete with it.

Lastly, purchase good quality glosses, and lipsticks. That way you will avoid the ashy look, the dry mouth crack, the bleeding colour and so on. You may want to prime your lips with a lip primer, a chapstick or foundation to get a rich colour that lasts all night when you are out. 

Hot-pink lips are popping up everywhere these days– not just Amber Rose or Nicki Minaj. Fashion designers have jumped on to the trend too; sending models down the runway sporting shades of hot-pink.

Don’t be shy, get in on the action too with a few swipes of hot pink or fuchsia lip-gloss or lipstick. Here are some pink shades to try as the party season kickstarts the summer.


For Rihanna's bright fuschia try Mac Lipstick in Girl About Town. Try a soft glossy pink like Sanaa in Mac Lickable


Solange is rocking a pale pink, Mac Lipstick in Pink Nouveau


Kelly shows that the darker toned ladies CAN wear pink too

The perfect barbie pink exists for us black girls! I know I made mention of mac but If you’re on a tight budget, go for NYX Cosmetics “doll pink.” NYX bears striking resemblance in colour quality to mac and cost significantly less. You may want to try brands like NARS, REVLON, VICTORIA SECRET, MAKEUP FOREVER, MAYBELLINE, LANCOME.


pink w/o the ASH 🙂

Whatever your pocket size, any of the said brands and those tips will give us gorgeous black women that awesome barbie pink lip —— WITHOUT THE ASH! 

One Love 😉


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