ALERT!! Ombre Hair Colour Trend – turn hair darkness to light…


Take your hair to an ultra hip place with the hip colour trend that feature a subtle shade shift from dark to light or vice-versa! Note I said SUBTLE, because unless your are nicki manaj or lady gaga, you dont need blonde to yellow, purple to pink, lime-green to blonde contrasts for day to day style =/ 


Many celebs have been doing this trend, like Beyonce, Keri Hilson, Ciara, Ashley Simpson just name a few. It works on both short and long hair, natural or relaxed, even dreadlocks! A unique ombre look will make everyone say OMG! It will have you turning heads.



Now DO NOT try ombre @ home! Forget what you see on youtube, Only proper foiling, colouring technique & hair care knowlegde will have you looking right and remaining healthy.

Before going ombre, consider these things:

1. $$$$ YOUR POCKET! How often can you visit the Salon?! You will need regular re-constructive deep conditioning so your hair doesn’t break, colour glazes to maintain vibrancy and hue, plus colour touch ups at least 6 to 8wks.

2. YOUR HAIR’S CURRENT CONDITION. Weak damaged hair cannot handle colour. Ombre can be acheived with a weave so you may wanna try a weave out to protect and preserve your hair from furthur damageOmbre extensions

3. YOUR SKIN TONE & LIFESTYLEChoose shades that will compliment your skin tone as well as YOUR CLOSET & WORKPLACE! A person can choose one (1) to three (3) colours to shade for the “Ombre” effect.

For a dark chocolate beauty: deep reds, coppers, and cool ash make for beautiful choices.

For the caramel-coated lovely: rich browns, coppers, possibly even violets (depending on career character).

For the fair maiden: ash tones, subdued blondes, golden caramel tones will add warmth to her olive skin sharp ombre on lighter skin tone

4. YOUR HAIRCUT / HAIRSTYLE. Parting, layers are essential to colour placement. For example a sunburst effect can be achieved with front layers. CIAR SUNBURST EFFECT

5. YOUR STYLIST. If there has been a previous color, you WILL NOT be able to achieve the “Ombre” effect successfully without some color correction (or maybe even more drastic measures). Is your stylist able.
Though it may look as if this now infamous look can be achieved at home, as i said earlier it is necessary to visit a professional establishment and a certified colour technician for the best results.

Now all you style savvy divas, Happy Ombre-ing!!!! IT’S A GOOD LOOK

😉 Malibu



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