GORGEOUS EXTRAS – accessorizing hairstyles

When it comes to the finishing touches on your hair, you cant go wrong with an amazing hair accessory!! Make a statement, or make a look even more gorgeous with these trendy sparkling extras.

Investing in a few key hair accessories guarantees style versatility in a flash! Consider adding these trendy accents to your ‘hair wardrobe’.

So here’s what you aiming for : SHIMMER, GLEAM, GLISTEN & TWINKLE.

A rhinestone headband adds a great touch to long hair, a long weave and long loose waves or barrel curls. A thin band of rhinestones positioned right gives a modern day princess look. Style tip: Try low on the crown over a centre part. The double headband or “glamhead” is cute with the natural fro look, space the headbands an inch apart for style impact, you can even take then on the forehead for the bo-ho or hippy chick look. Those come in metallic which adds shine to your look

rhinestone headband

Double headband

Gilded Chopsticks add an exotic flair to a pin-up. The key is to twist the chopsticks through making sure your hair and them are intertwined securely. A partial upsweep or even a pin-up near the nape is an edgy way to wear the chopsticks. NEVER wear only one, stick to the pairs.

Sparkly hair pins, adds a delicate touch to bangs, parts and ponytails. They add unexpected shine to the flip side bangs expecially

glitter hair pins

Accessories are great for everyday wear and excellent for special occasion so happy hairstyling. Keep it simple, cute, girly, trendy, keep over the top looks for parties or such unless u lady gaga or nicki, enjoy!

One Love 😉


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