Black can Crack – why every black girl should wear sunblock

Why is it that so many black women are not caring for their skin as well as they should? Why is it that black women are of the notion that because they don’t burn, get red and peel like white people that they don’t get damaged by the rays of the sun.

Sure we are blessed with more melanin that absorbs some amount of UV rays which act as a natural sunscreen but we do tan which means the sun affects us. We are all human, black white brown purple yellow green and we can all experience sun damage, age or can die from skin cancer. Its time we get wise, free radicals and pollution has made the sun’s rays more even more harsh and we must protect our skin, the ozone layer is depleting and this affects our health.

FACT: Did you know that black skin absorb more of the of the UV-A rays (the type of rays that cause most skin cancers. 😦

What most Black women don’t realize is that regardless of the amount of melanin or pigment in our skin, long term exposure to ultraviolet rays can put us at a higher risk for melanoma (skin cancer) than the lighter Caucasian skin colors.  Be sure to check your skin regularly for any unusual spots or blemishes.  Also, wearing hats, sunglasses is very fashionable and cool, and keep in mind that wearing light colored clothing reflects the sun’s rays and helps to keep black skin safe.  Most important:  Always wear a high quality sun block all year long… not just during the summer months.

applying sunscreen, that amount is all you need for the entire face

Get wise, its time to choose the right SPF. Here’s how:

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It is important to select a sunscreen that blocks enough UVA and UVB rays for your skin type. I recommend at least a SPF 30 for us in the caribbean.

Its also important to consider how long you spend in the sun, any medical conditions like lupus, as well as skin type whether it be oily dry sensitive etc

Know your sensitivity value, that is how quickly you tan
(Never tans, always burns Pale or milky, white alabaster Develops red sunburn, painful swelling, skin peels 4-10 
Sometimes tans, usually burns Very little brown, some freckles Usually burns, pink or red coloring appears, can gradually develop light brown tan 10-12 
Usually tans, sometimes burns Light tan, brown or olive, distinctly pigmented Rarely burns, moderately rapid tanning response 11-14 
Always tans, rarely burns Brown, dark brown or black Rarely burns, very rapid tanning response 12-16)

TIP: Apply a light layer of sunscreen at least 20 mins before heading outdoor

Here are some facial moisturisers with SPF that is great for daily use after the face has been cleansed well. I recommend these to my facial clients:

1. Olay “Regenerist UV Defense Regenerating Lotion SPF 15

2. Neutrogena “Healthy Skin Visibly Even Daily SPF 15

3. Neutrogena “Sensitive Skin Sunblock Lotion SPF 30

4. Clinique “Sun-Care Body SPF 25 Sun Block

5. Clinique “Sun-Care UV-Response Face Cream SPF 30

6. Aveeno “Skin Brightening Daily Treatment SPF 15


Black men and women, skin is skin ” Black can Crack” your skin isn’t tough like a crocodile’s back, however if you don’t protect it from the sun it will get crusty and it will sure look that way……. if you need anymore tips on choosing a sun screen for face or body just drop me a line, lets start caring for our skin

Take Care

One Luv




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