Hair Styles & Care Guide pt.2 – relaxed hair

So I hope the natural hair beauties enjoyed the first post. Relaxed hair takes a lot more care so I decided to make it an entire focus.

A beauty on FB wanted help on “… to style one’s hair at home. In other words- easy ways to wrap, set, and style your hair in between salon visits, especially during the week or 2 before getting your hair relaxed again. I find that alot of videos on the net are for white women or women with long voluminous naturally straight hair. Not every body fits into those categories (i.e. me) so any kind of guide would be a great help :)”

Now everyone with relaxed hair can have strong, touchably soft hair with the right maintenance. Its all about consistency so I am pretty happy that she understands that its all about home care because not everyone visits the salon weekly or even bi-monthly (which is what I encourage buy btw ;))

Healthy relaxed hair starts with the relaxer. Ensure the correct relaxer is used for hair type, that its done by a pro who doesnt over process the hair and that correct products are used. Relaxed hair tends to become brittle, damaged & break easier than natural hair so be very careful and try to find a salon pro who knows what they are doing. So here are the tips

Care Guide

Shampooing is vital, moisturizing shampoos & conditioners made specifically for relaxed hair are best. Motions make a good set or creme of nature. Use a wide tooth shampoo comb to detangle. detangle from the ends to roots

When you shampoo, try to roller set your hair instead of blow drying. If you must blow dry, put a leave in treatment and set the dryer on low. But to be honest skip this option at home if you are not hair saavy. To roller set, apply a mousse evenly to wet hair then use a water spray bottle to re-wet as hair is drying out. Section your hair in 3, Left, Centre, Right, like a mohawk. I hope ya’ll understand this

  • Comb your hair with your tail comb down so it’s hanging in front of your eyes. Hold the ends. Take a roller and place it on your ends where your fingers are, on top of the hair. In other words, the roller should be on the other side of your hair, away from your face. Roll upwards towards the sky and onto your head. Secure at the base with a pin. Just repeat till u complete

    finished wraped hair

     When hair is completely dry, remove rollers and wrap the dry hair by using a blow dry blush or a small tooth comb. make a part in your hair if there isn’t one already, start at the top. hold the top of your head and use the comb or brush to sweep your hair around and around and keep going little by little till its all wrapped in one direction, smooth it down and spray it a little with oil sheen the wrap your head with a satin or silk scarf

    finished roller set

     Between Salon visits its best to limit the use of hot tools, so cut back on flat iron & curling irons & never go to bed without your hair wrapped in silk.

By wrapping hair you also make new growth lay flat & keep soft. Do not neglect combing your hair as soon as new growth starts to peek out. Do a deep conditioning treatment before the next relax service, that strengthens the hair. It softens it too.
Style Guide
Styling relaxed hair is all about the right products. Please understand that less is more. All you really need at home is a polisher, oil sheen, and an edge tamer, some combs & brushes. You need a paddle brush, and a bristle brush, a tail comb, a shampoo comb & the 3 sided style comb. Choose a polisher or serum that is featherweight light, has heat protection & sunblock,  an oil sheen aerosol and a glaze, jam as an edge tamer when edges start to stick out before a relaxer. NO GEL!!!! NO VASELINE HAIR OIL.
Well trimmed hair keeps hair looking chic all the time so I suggest getting regular trims every six weeks so that edges are blunt and it falls well, play with layering, parts and hair accessories

cut & trim creates chic styling options

The fact is the healthier your hair is, the longer and stronger it will grow & the better it will look & the easier you can style it

So I hope this helped a bit, jus ask me anything, anytime
One love
Malibu xoxo
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