Hair Care vs. Money for style—a real hairstylist should…

The more I grow and learn in my career is the more I come across the people who give this profession a “bad name”. Beauty is my passion, so its not just a job for me, in fact I quit my job to focus on this career. There are many facets to this profession, you have to have the obvious: style, pizazz, talent but you also need a good education, professionalism and a mindset that you will always be a student as everyday you learn. Trends come and go, technology evolves and the science of beauty expands

No, I didn’t choose this profession because I was a slow learner at school and no we didn’t just make faces at cosmetology school, we had books and sat exams. Some people failed, some people passed, some people dropped out just like any other school. Therefore the same way you wouldn’t want a doctor who failed med school to diagnose you, its the same way you shouldn’t want a beauty school failure to care for your hair or skin.

Beauty is more than meets the eye, which is why I don’t subscribe to the idea that a Hairdresser should have you leaving the salon looking great ONLY. No its more than that, this profession isn’t about money for style. Its serious business, its the business of health.

How many times have you sat in a salon and look at a woman take off a weave to reveal damaged hair?? and then

Money for style 😦

you are like “oh no, she  a hot mess” Or you peek inside a someones scalp to see mounting flakes on the scalp. We need to wise up, Beauty is being healthy, we need to focus on the health of our hair than style only…. learn

what a real stylist should do, FIND ONE & stick the regimen he or she sets to become a more beautiful, healthier you.

A real


stylist should…..



woman removes weave to reveal this, money for style client 😦

especially a chemical service!

DISPLAY skill, experience & education (license, certification, workshop participations, trade shows etc)

POSSESS a pleasing personality , enthusiasm, the ability to listen, knowledge of a variety of products as well as style trends

UNDERSTAND particular hair types

PERFORM  consultation & make recommendations

UNDERSTAND that care of the hair & care of the scalp skin, & body may appear separate, but are actually

intertwined because hair grows from beneath the skin

Your hairstylist is almost your new spouse. You want to make sure you are creating a healthy relationship that helps you to become a better you. Beware of potential fatal attractions. After all, you are spending y

our hard earned money.

Are u getting hair care or are u swapping money for style???

One luv, Malibu

Professional appyling relaxer








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