Invisible part weave – trend, tragedy or both?!


I have to let you all know that I am now doing the trendy invisible part weaves.

Invisible part weaves is a technique in weaving that creates a natural looking part with your scalp (full head sewn or bonded). But guess what?! all of your hair is braided!..yes every strand, nothing left out. This creation is good, if you want a weave to look natural, but your  hair color or texture does not match the weave hair you would like to use, or any other reason you may have. It can be done in any color, even if your hair is black and you want to wear blonde hair with a part, thanks to the invsiible part technique it it possible. So for all u weavalicious ladies, there is no longer a limit on the type of hair, or hair color weave you would like to use……

glue track..not invisible & natural looking


BUT…there is a big BUT,…it is suppose to be invisible and this trend need to done right and I SEE A LOT OF DIVAS WALKING AROUND WITH GLUE TRACKS instead of INVISIBLE PARTS.

Here goes,

1. thin wefts on synthetic hair especially the straighter synthetics get tacky with glue, so the glue seeps thru when close together creating a wad of dried up glue on the scalp..not invisible!!

2. the curlier the hair the better & the deeper the part the better to create opticial illusion or make it look…invisible!!


Personally I like this technique if you have natural hair and would like to switch your look, and I prefer it sewn in with human hair or curly synthetics. I would not recommend it to those of you with relaxed hair as the glue at the part so close to roots may cause hair loss if removed poorly.I ALWAYS go for healthy hair first, not money for style,  I Specialize in Hair Care.

I know some Jamaican ladies have  a way to take a trend and turn into a fashion crime but dont be follower, lead! Dont wreck the trend, rock it

I have included snapshots of some of the not so invisible parts, so you all can see what NOT to wear

I hidden camera this one ;), i dont need to tell u why not to wear, just dont!



One Love





8 thoughts on “Invisible part weave – trend, tragedy or both?!

  1. Shamara says:

    Hello Malibu,

    This article sounds interesting.I have unprocessed hair.I’ve been twisting it with the ‘Jamaica Bulk’ hair as this type curls with hot water plus it looks natural.I hate hate the plastic looking hairs and am not a fan of other types of weave though on some occasions I see it on other people and think it looks good.The point is,I think I could change it up a little.The invisible weave style sounds interesting.

    Where can I find you for consult?


    • malibubeautyjm says:

      Thanks, this definitely a great way to switch your look up if u so desire. So when u are ready for your consult, i’m located at Dejanaes Beauty & Barber Salon in crossroads. My number is 3830286. I also emailed you more details. Thanks Shamara , take care


  2. Dee Grace says:

    I have been researching hair for two months and am just about ready to have a sew in installed. Please tell me the difference between invisible parts and the closure which is sold separate from the hair.


    • malibubeautyjm says:

      the invisible part is where the parting is actually your scalp however your hair isn’t left out, the invisible closure though is where it would appear as if a parting is there, similar to the lace fronts with a parting. Hope you understand, feel free to get back to me, i could mail you some pics or something…. thanks


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