hair chocolate

A caramel hair treatment helps ladies who relax their hair to ‘stretch’ their relaxer for longer periods and helps people with natural hair by softening its texture for easier detangling and manageability. It’s a product in the E’tae product line that uses all natural ingredients from honey, bananas to olive oil.

This combination delivers in its ability to seriously soften and hydrate the driest and roughest hair textures.

 The caramel treatment is excellent for helping to straightening the natural hair as it takes less heat to get smoother results as well as better moisture retention.

Here are the ingredients and the purpose of each

As a stylist I adjust the recipe based on individual hair needs.

Honey – excellent humectant good for moisture
Olive Oil – For lubrication and helps with moisture retention
Bananas – Good for moisture and some protein benefits as well
Molasses – Another excellent humectant with some protein benefits
Water – This is the best natural moisturizer and is used to thin the mixture
Apple Cider Vinegar – For the shine it imparts to the hair
Cornstarch – For thickening purposes
Wheat germ oil – For strength and lubrication

Trust me your kitchen and fruit trees are a beauty haven

If this is all too much mixing & concocting you can try hair chocolate, its a great protein treatment that softens kink inbetween a relaxer or on natural hair,

do all protein treatmnets under pro guidance tho…. its serious business and u dont wanna risk damage

let me know what happens

One love




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