Healthy Hair Care System … my pro regime

How is your hair doing?

Is it healthy, shiny, and soft?  How fast does your hair grow?

If the answer to those questions isn’t a resounding yes then it could be that its not doing so good, i’m gonna give you a system to apply in your life to get your hair in tip top shape. Its 17 tips but Beauty is serious business & like all else “if u waan good, u nose haffi run”

The System

1. Invest in good quality salon brand shampoos & conditioners, if you don’t shampoo at the salon.  Shampoo every 7 to 10 days

2. Keep hair moisturized daily between washes with a coin sized amount of a good hair moisturizer dabbed through the hair with fingers. Avoid combing excessively.

3. Every 3 wks. wash hair with a sulfate free shampoo and deep condition with a light protein conditioner. Roller set the hair, (i know its tuff but u gotta sit under a dryer).

4. Rotate the conditioners (both moisturizing and protein) every other week so that the hair does not stop responding to it.

5. A hot oil treatment should be used on the hair every 4th Saturday.

6. If u go in for a flat iron straight style. Make sure to use heat-protectant serum or wax. Use only temperature controlled heat tools.

7. Apply a strong protein treatment to the hair a every 6-8 weeks or when you notice excessive breakage.

8. Make sure to use a strong protein treatment the week before the relaxer service. This is to strengthen the hair in preparation for the chemical.

9. Use the same or similar CORRECT relaxer with each touch up which should be every 2-3 months. You want to have at least 1- 1.5 inches of hair before relaxing, any sooner and you run the risk of over processing the hair.

10. If you self-relax, always use a neutralizing shampoo to wash the hair after the service. This will ensure that all the relaxer is removed from the hair and that the hair is restored to its normal ph level. The same should be applied if you go to a stylist for a relaxer touch up.

11. Use a caramel treatment a month after the relaxer touch up to hydrate the new growth and help to straighten it without using too much heat.

12. Do not braid the hair for the first 2 weeks after a relaxer service.

13. Keep hair braided for 2-3 weeks at a time especially if the hair is at shoulder length as it helps with length retention. If the hair is past this length then braiding is not necessary unless you want to!

14. When the hair is braided or you have a weave in, normal washing and conditioning must continue to keep the hair moisturized until you take down the braids.

15. Do not braid too close to the edges (small baby hairs) to avoid thinning of the hairline

16. Clarify the hair once every 6-8 weeks or when a lot of product has been used during the week to get rid of build up. Do not do this often to prevent the hair from feeling ‘stripped’ and dry.

17. Dust any split ends once every 6 months. Trim the hair only if you want full ends as your strands do not grow at the same rate. Trimming the hair more often will only serve to reduce the length gained and does nothing for the overall health of your hair.

INCORPORATE even a tidbit of my system into you life & i guarantee a change in your hair’s texture, strength & overall health, even track your growth every 3 months and send me pics 🙂

The regimen above can be changed to suit your hair’s needs or lifestyle.

one love,





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